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ABOUT US………………


                        Big Money Gettas Music Group


“Ain’t No Holla Without “Big Money Gettas"

Flowin’ Some Dolla’s…..”


A passionate heart inspired this little boy name “Boo From The Lou ” from St Louis, Missouri to follow a dream.  One day my life would forever change as a tragic blow took the life of my brother, my mentor, my friend.  Life as I knew it would be on a different level for the rest of my days. My big brother would forever live in my heart through memories, visions and dreams.  One of my big brothers visions would speak to my inner soul, telling me to feed my musical vibe. I heard his voice deep in my soul clearly say to me, “don’t stop the hustle, you already know what to do from our back in the day grind.  Bounce your own establishment and rock the vibes,” thus, “Big Money Gettas Music Group” was born. 


I touched down in Cali on a Godly prayer and hope I can take Big Money Gettas Music Group to another level. We have passion for our music and love for our city. "Big Money Gettas Music Group" is only new to the Cali game; we’ve been highly recognized by Reverb Nation, hanging #1 for 8 months Rap charts, among others in the St Louis, Missouri music flow.  Our first CD, “Game Changer,” garnered attention as #1 while occupying the chart 2 weeks straight on WKNZ Power 101. We received over 2,000,000 views to our website.


“Big Money Getta’s,” is rollin’ for the top, building a brand that won’t stop, we’re super hot.  We’re banging dope tracks, like "Cali" “500 Years, "Unbreakable"and Get It.” Our aim is fresh and new, and our game is raw.  We’re doing our own tracks and hooking up other artist in the flow.


“We’re not Bothered,

                             We’re not Bitter,

                             We’re just straight Gettas


 “Big Money Gettas Music Group"

"Were dream come Reality"


RIP "Tee Bone"

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